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Welcome to Estonia!

Moving to a new country always causes a bit of anxiety: you need to find a new job and new friends, learn the local language and get an overall idea of how things work. In Estonia there are also other practical challenges: for example, Estonians often look cold and withdrawn - how should you communicate with them? Surprisingly, even the roads can be so slippery that it is difficult to keep your balance even when crawling on the ground...

Are you from outside the European Union? Estonian Refugee Council offers various activities that will help you adapt in Estonia.

We offer the opportunity to join:

  •  a work club, where we introduce the local labour market and Estonian work culture.
  • an adaptation club, where we discuss together how to feel better in Estonia.
  • various life skills workshops, in which we introduce, among other things, the Estonian kindergarten and school system, the Estonian e-government and everything else necessary.
  • a men’s group, where through joint activities men can get to know Estonia and expand their circle of acquaintances.
  • a women’s group, where through joint activities women can get to know Estonia and expand their circle of acquaintances.
  • family activities to make acquaintances with other families who have moved to Estonia.
  • hobby courses that support language learning, which is especially relevant if you are for example interested in flower arrangement, porcelain painting or handicrafts: with the help of these activities, you can also improve your Estonian!

Additionally, to practice the language, you can meet volunteer language partners and adaptation mentors who will help you find answers to questions you can't ask elsewhere. For example, if you want to know how public transport works or if you're having trouble choosing which milk to buy.

Let’s make your adaptation in Estonia enjoyable!

Contact us and ask for more information:

  • In Tallinn and Rakvere: Kätlin Bowden,, +372 5665 4187
  • In Tartu: Mirjam Rennit,, +372 5557 2782
  • In Pärnu: Angeelika Viir,

#minuadapter: use this hashtag on social media - share your joy of adapting with others!

The project "#minuadapter: adaptation activities for third-country nationals" is funded by the European Union through the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the Ministry of the Interior. International House of Pärnu, Tartu Folk High School and Tallinn Folk High School are involved as partners.

Estonian Refugee Council has been offering various services and activities to beneficiaries of international protection and people with migrant backgrounds since 2001. More information about us: and

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