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Group Counselling for Ukrainian War Refugees

High-quality information and the support of good people helps to make better choices and speeds up adaptation. The Estonian Refugee Council offers Ukrainian war refugees the opportunity to participate in free group counselling all over Estonia. Registrations are open in the Fienta environment.

Find a place, time and subject that suits you, and sign up! We are constantly adding new sessions to the environment in different locations across Estonia.

We offer counselling on four different topics:

Workshop on adaption

At the adaption workshop, we will discuss how to cope in a new society and organise your life here. We share practical tips for adapting, learning the Estonian language and making new acquaintances and friends. Adaption is a journey of ups and downs, and there is relief in the fact that others around us experience similar difficulties and challenges.

The meeting is organised by the Estonian Refugee Council, and it is held in Russian.

Workshop on digital skills

The workshop on digital skills is intended for Ukrainian war refugees and provides overview of Estonia’s digital services and e-state. During the workshop, we will study various Estonian e-services (, e-banking, e-school, etc.) and practice their use. The prerequisite for participation is holding an ID card, a mobile ID or a Smart-ID.

The workshop is organised by the Estonian Refugee Council in cooperation with BCS Koolitus and is held in Russian.

Group counselling on children’s adaption and education

Group counselling on child adaptation and education is designed for Ukrainian war refugees to support the adaptation of their children in Estonia. At the meeting, we will talk about how to recognise a child’s trauma experience and how to help your child. We also introduce Estonian education system and children’s leisure opportunities. 

The meeting is organized by the Estonian Refugee Council in cooperation with MTÜ Igale Lapsele Pere and it will take place in Russian.

Group counselling on employment

In the group counselling on work, we give an overview of the situation on the Estonian labour market and labour law. At the meeting, you can share your experiences with looking for work and hear practical tips on how to successfully search for a job in Estonia, how to prepare your CV and other application documents. 

The meeting is organised by the Estonian Refugee Council in cooperation with the Unemployment Insurance Fund and the Labour Inspectorate and is held in Russian. 

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