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Economic recovery

Economic recovery

We support displaced and crisis-affected people in rebuilding their livelihoods and securing sustainable incomes by helping them enter the labor market, start small businesses, and establish agricultural activities.

Enterprise in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya
Support enterprises
Support self-management of communities
Empowering women



Entrepreneurship programmes offer participants practical training and guidance to start a business or develop an existing one. Through mentoring, we provide guidance from experienced entrepreneurs or experts to help participants bring their business ideas to life.


The employability programme welcomes refugees who want to enter the labour market in Estonia or change their jobs. This programme suits everyone, regardless of their work experience or current employment status in Estonia.

Social entrepreneurship

Social enterprises aim to reduce households' dependence on humanitarian aid. The programme primarily seeks to support vulnerable populations affected by conflicts, including displaced and humanitarian dependent populations, in order to reduce their dependence on foreign aid.

Countries where this programme currently take place:
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