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I want to help

Here's how to notify the Estonian Refugee Council:

  • if you want to offer your time or skills, fill in the volunteer form: 
  • if you want to offer temporary or permanent accommodation or a service (eg babysitting, free training place) to war refugees, enter the information here: 
  • if you want to help as a company or organisation, write to 


Please add job offers in the new environment of the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

Please add accommodation offers to Kinnisvara24 portal.

Regional staff map the locations of volunteer donations on a local government basis and the mapping information is transferred to the volunteer gate

Food collection points

The Food Bank: From Monday, March 7, the Food Bank will collect food aid for the people of Ukraine at three collection points during the month. Part of the donated food is sent to the Food Bank of Kyiv, and aid packages for war refugees arriving in Estonia are also being collected on an ongoing basis.

Food donations are collected:

  • Tallinn Food Bank, Punane 48a (Mon-Fri 11-15)
  • Pärnu Food Bank, Vase 2 (Thu, Fri 15-17; Sat 12-14)
  • Tartu Corporation in Ugala premises, Kuperjanovi 16 (Mon-Fri 10-22)

In case of large donations, let us know in advance by phone or e-mail at

Toidupanga kogumiskampaania. Foto: Dmitri Kotjuh

Clothing collection points

Clothes, footwear and children's belongings can be taken to the Recycling Centre or to the collection points of the district government.

Sõbralt Sõbrale shop - in good condition and clean things, clothes, furniture and equipment up to 10 years old working or with minor defects are welcome.

The charity shop Aarete Laegas at Madala 3.

Paavli re-use centre (Paavli 5, Tallinn) accepts clothes, shoes, etc., even in large quantities.

The Red Cross (phone: 53486338) collects new toiletries, bedding, blankets and pillows for the people of Ukraine in cooperation with local governments. The largest collection point of the Red Cross is currently in Pärnu, Tallinna mnt 2, open daily from 11:00 to 19:00. NEW items can be donated to war refugees:

  • unused toiletries, bed linen, blankets, pillows, towels, nappies, etc.
  • baby food: milk powder and purees with a shelf life of at least 3 months, including feeding bottles and teats.




Financial donations

"For Ukraine!" initiative

  • Donations can be made by bank transfer:
  • MTÜ Eesti Pagulasabi, EE791010220258852223
  • MTÜ Mondo, EE491010220099409013
  • MTÜ Ukraina Kultuurikeskus, EE401010220229090221​

Donations via bank links:

Donations via phone call:

  • Eesti Pagulasabi: 9003801 (5 eurot), 9003802 (10 eurot), 9003803 (50 eurot)
  • Mondo: 9000380 (5 eurot), 9000381 (10 eurot), 9000382 (50 eurot)

Ukraina Eneseabi MTÜ - Donations or sales offers for working computers are very welcome at 

Large donations: humanitarian aid (worth €10 000 or more) to Ukraine can be donated to the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 

  • Health care aid (ambulances; medical services and medical assistance; medical supplies: first aid and invasive aid; medical equipment and apparatus).
  • Temporary shelter assistance (generators, batteries, other means of providing temporary electricity; tents, tent heaters; outdoor shelters; warm clothing, footwear, thermal clothes; toiletries, nappies; outdoor beds, mattresses, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows).
  • Food aid (including baby and baby food)
  • IT and telephones as aid (IT services; mobile phones; battery banks for IT equipment)
  • Transport equipment and services as an aid (cars; minibuses; lorries; transport and storage services)    

Please enter offers of assistance in the online form Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will match suitable offers with Ukrainian requests for assistance and support with logistics and transport arrangements to Ukraine if necessary.



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