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Support Person Service

Our main service is support person service, which we offer through a network of support persons and adaptation mentors covering Estonia. The main methods of the support person service are advice, explanation and information. The support person can also accompany people who have received protection to meetings with various authorities, help them find work and opportunities for self-expression, and support reunification with families. We do not make decisions for our clients, but help them make informed choices. Our activities are need-based and goal-oriented.

The support person service consists of four service parts:

  • a support person dealing with administrative and initial adaptation issues, who usually works with the supported family during the first 3-4 months;
  • after the first 3-4 months, the client receives advice on administrative issues and problems from the service coordinator's reception in Tallinn or Tartu;
  • an adaptation mentor supporting social and cultural integration, who is a volunteer and has training in the coaching method;
  • an experience advisor who supports new arrivals based on his similar experiences and has the appropriate preparation.

As part of the support person service, we offer a translation service to beneficiaries of protection who have arrived here, which they have the right to use when communicating with authorities and support persons as needed.

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