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Narrative Exposure Therapy

Narrative Exposure Therapy

Narrative Exposure Therapy is a short-term and evidence-based therapy. The goal of this therapy is to restore human psychosocial functioning. This therapy has been more effective in refugees than traditional treatment methods and has shown that it will reduce post-traumatic stress disorder of war victims. 

There is a clear need for measures that can alleviate the burden of mental distress and support mental well-being of refugees and migrants in Estonia. In the scope of the mental health system audit project carried out in 2019-2020, the ERC identified the main gaps and weaknesses of the current system as well as the possible entry points for improving the mental health support provided to refugees in Estonia. With a series of follow-up projects, the ERC team has addressed different key barriers identified in the systematic audit. This year, the ERC team would focus on professional help, especially NET therapy: starting from training such experts in Estonia and then providing actual NET therapy to people with refugee backgrounds.

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