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Counselling Programme

Counselling Programme

The purpose of the counselling programme of the Estonian Refugee Council is to provide displaced people with important information and need-based assistance, and to support refugees' adaptation and independence.

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Adaptation trainings

High-quality information and the support of good people helps to make better choices and speeds up adaptation. The Estonian Refugee Council offers war refugees the opportunity to participate in free group counselling all over Estonia. Registrations are open in the Fienta environment.


Councelling service is provided at Estonian Refugee Council’s office (Vambola street 6, Tallinn) on weekdays from 10am—5pm. The hotline +372 5881 1311 is avaliable to all refugees and the people helping them Mon—Fri from 10am—5pm. You can contact us via e-mail at To get in touch through Viber, Whatsapp and Telegram, please use +372 5464 0007.

Support Person Service

The purpose of the support person service is to provide support to those who have received international and temporary protection by giving guidelines and instructions to make integration into society easier.

Countries where this programme currently take place:

Estonian Refugee Council has been offering counselling and support services to recipients of international protection since 2012.

The programme’s purpose is to support the self-sufficiency of refugees in Estonia. As part of the counselling programme, we offer refugees high-quality, relevant and up-to-date information based on their personal needs to help them make informed decisions about rebuilding their lives in a new country.

Due to the increased number of refugees in 2022 in Estonia, we opened a call centre and counselling centre in Tallinn. We regularly held workshops and training all over Estonia, e.g. digital skills and labour market related counselling sessions, adaptation training and need- based individual support person service.

Estonian Refugee Council’s counselling programme:

  • Offers high-quality and verified information about rights, obligations and opportunities in Estonia.
  • Offers comprehensive counselling and, if necessary, refers people to other services. 
  • Supports independence and adaptation to the new society.
  • Helps make the entire Estonian society more cohesive through various services.

Counselling services are provided based on people's needs and respecting them as experts in their own lives.

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