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Raising young people’s awareness about migration and the challenges of adaptation and integration


The aim of the project is to increase awareness of Estonian schoolchildren about the causes of (forced) migration and the challenges that refugees and people with a migration background face while adapting and integrating in a new country. During the project, at least 240 schoolchildren from 12 different schools will have a chance to play the board game about adaptation and integration called “Diamond Island”, followed by a discussion on (forced) migration, adaptation and integration in the classroom. Based on the experience gained, a methodological guide will be developed that school teachers and youth workers can use in their work in the future. The instructions for making a board game and the methodological guide will be uploaded to the Estonian Refugee Council website and to the e-schoolbag, so that developed materials will be available for everyone. 45 school teachers and youth workers will be trained, so they will be able to conduct similar game sessions after the end of the project. As a result of the project, schoolchildren's attitudes towards refugees and people with a different migration background will improve and their understanding about the role of each individual in the adaptation and integration of immigrants will increase.

Type of Assistance
Education trainings
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