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Competence center

Estonian Refugee Council is one of the leading competence centers on forced migration and refugee integration in Estonia. We utilize this competence in different ways: by training others, sharing and bringing good practices to Estonia, improving the Estonian reception and integration systems through advocacy, and sharing fact-based information to the broader public.

Education projects

One of the main targets groups of the competence center is schools and kindergartens. We have carried out several projects preparing and supporting teachers in working in multicultural classrooms. We have also developed teaching materials which help to discuss forced migration at school. We have carried out numerous trainings in schools across Estonia and piloted a needs-based counselling network. See further from under the projects subpage.

Awareness raising

Over the years, one of our main goals has been raising awareness about forced migration and situation of refugees among the Estonian public. This was particularly important during the so-called refugee crisis which started in 2015. We are also often carrying out public events with the aim of bringing refugees living in Estonia and the local populations closer together, often with the use of food as a mediator. See further from under the projects subpage.


Since the founding of the Estonian Refugee Council, advocacy has been one of our main activities. In advocating for better reception and integration policies, we have made numerous proposals and suggestions to the relevant ministries as well as the Parliament for implementation. We have also organized conferences and seminars, and published reports about asylum in Estonia. A selection of our advocacy products are available on the Estonian language webpage.

Through our membership in the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE), we are also taking actively part in the European Union level advocacy efforts.


In addition to providing trainings to education workers, we are also regularly improving the capacity of other specialists working with refugees, such as support persons, social workers and youth workers. Relevant institutions can order different training modules from us (such as "Refugee ABC", support person basic training, humanitarian worker basic training, prevention of violent extremism, etc.), both in Estonian and English. Please contact for a price quote.

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